Christmas Wine Tasting

December 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

Well, I hope everyone had a good Christmas (or whatever you celebrate).  I did.  My relatives came over here and we had a grand time with lots of food and fun things to do.

A while back my brother bought a wine experiment kit.  It had 6 bottles of wine, some pipettes, a graduated cylinder, and some instructions.  Being the people that we are, we decided to screw the instructions and just go for the wine tasting instead.  We made it into a sort of game, where we had to guess what wine we were drinking based on the flavor.

First my brother and cousin opened all the bottles.

My brother read the instructions for about 2 minutes before everyone said, Ok enough of that, let’s have some wine!

My mom found some old Trader Joe’s wine bags and cut them up to put around the bottles, so we wouldn’t know which one we had.

Then the wine tasting began!

apparently my mom didn't like this one

But my Uncle Bob did

After we finished, my grandpa read the results.

In the end, we didn’t really do so great with the guessing.  I was able to get one right, and my brother got 2.  Later on, my cousin Stacy and her husband came and pretty much blew us all out of the water.  They also each won a prize in the guess how many pieces of candy in a jar game.  I won one of those, too.  Sadly it was the one I wasn’t hoping to win, but at least it wasn’t the jar of nuts.  Eww.

All in all it was a great day.

Happy Holidays!


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