The Windows 7 Dilemma

December 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

So  I’ve been going through reading other blogs for a while, finding out about all your experiences and such.  And then maybe I get to one that hasn’t been posted to in about a week.  And I think, man they haven’t posted in a whole week!

Oh wait, neither have I.  Ummm…. sorry about that.

Actually I think it’s been longer than a week.  I don’t really have an excuse other than I was at Matt’s house and he won’t let me use his computer for my facebook and blog, because he thinks they’re dumb.  (But it’s  ok for him to use my computer to look at airplanes all day.  Right)  And then I had to pack and get to Michigan., which was an adventure in itself.  Basically my flight was delayed for 4 HOURS, which meant I would miss my connecting flight, so they put me on a flight to Dallas instead.  We landed in Dallas at 1:30 pm in the D gates.  My next flight was at 2:50 all the way over in the A gates.  There wasn’t even a sign showing me how to get to the A gates.  Just B and C.  Fantastic.  So I was looking at the map trying to figure it out and an airport lady came up and was like no, you don’t want to look at the entire airport map.  You just want to look at the D gates.  Ummm…  not really.  Finally I figured out how to get there.  I had to cross over to the other side of the airport, go down some stairs, walk and walk  past the signs pointing to the A gates, get on a tram that took me to some other faraway land, and then I was there.  I got there on time but they took forever getting everyone off from the last flight so we ended up taking off about a half hour late.  I finally made it to Michigan at 7:05 pm.  I was originally supposed to get here at 2:30.  Yay.

Yesterday my sister and I had to finish up some last minute shopping.  It was crowded but it wasn’t too bad, considering I had most of my shopping done already (Hooray for ebay!) but while we were at Best Buy my dad made me look at computers.  So here’s the deal.  My dad’s retired but he’s been taking a course with H&R Block so that he can get a job doing taxes.  Well, he got a job but all the tax programs are for PCs, and not Macs, which is all he has or has ever had, really.  I have a PC.  He wants my PC.  Therefore he has taken it upon himself to decide that I should get a new computer and he should take mine.  Thanks, Dad.  Granted, my computer is getting to the point where it has so many viruses on it and so much stuff is wrong with it that I’m having a lot of problems with it.  On the other hand, every new computer on the market is set up with Windows 7.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I really don’t know anything about Windows 7 or how good or crappy it will be.  My family doesn’t know anything about it since they all use Macs, and Matt doesn’t know anything about it because he stopped paying attention after Windows XP.  I have XP right now, and it just seems the least screwed up to me.  Especially after having Windows ME all through college, complete with the blue screen of death and my nextdoor neighbor coming over to look at it and saying, you have Windows ME.  You’re screwed.  I mean, at least it’s not Vista, which was a piece of poop,   But I’m nervous.  My mom told me I should just get a Mac but I don’t know how I feel about that either.  Especially since a good majority of what I deal with is mostly done with a PC.  I really  don’t know enough about different kinds of computers to make an informed decision but my dad doesn’t really care.  He wants to go like… now.  I also have to bring my old computer to get it “fixed,” whatever that entails.  It all seems very stressful to me and I don’t really want to go.  What do you think?  Is getting a new computer a good idea?  Or should I just get the old one fixed?  I’m going crazy!


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