December 3, 2009 § 1 Comment

Good Morning.  That is, if it’s good for you.  As for me, I’m sick.  Over the past day or so the weather decided to get really cold and snowy and for some reason I always get sick when the weather changes.  It’s like my body says, oh hey, guess what?  It got colder/warmer/snowier/windier, time to get sick! MUAHAHAHA! 

I was late to work this morning because Matt was over last night and I wanted to stay up and talk to him, which made me extra tired.  Also, my downstairs neighbor decided today would be a good day to be chatty and started telling some story about when he was a kid wearing shorts and a t-shirt while it was snowing, or something.  I don’t know.  I just wanted to go.  I have some weirdo neigbors.  Maybe I’ll tell you about them sometime. 

So anyway I get to work (late) and I sneeze and snot spews all over the place.  So I have to run to the bathroom really fast, since I am a dummy and didn’t bring tissues, while covering up my nose so people don’t see it and get grossed out.   Maybe I should have just stocked up on paper towels while I was there because the leaky faucet has currently not stopped flowing. 

Ugh.  Why is it only 10 am?  Can’t it at least be lunchtime?  Maybe I should stop slacking off and do actual work.  I will try to have a better post tomorrow, maybe with pictures.  But I wanted to post today because I haven’t in a while and my blog was feeling lonely.


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