November 17, 2009 § 3 Comments

During the past couple weeks, I’ve gotten some pretty neat stuff.

Well, I like it, anyway.

If we are safe for a year at work, we get a “safety award,” and apparently we were safe this year so I got this.

It’s a safety tool (fitting, since it’s a safety award).  It has pliers, and a nail file, and a bottle opener, and a knife, and a thing with a sander on it, and a screwdriver and some other weirdo looking stuff that I’m not sure what it’s for.  But I am sure that it will all be very important in my everyday work.  Especially the bottle opener.  It’s spiffy.

On the same day, another employee stopped by and handed out little travel kits, with pens and a stapler and hole punch, and little clippy things, and staples and a staple remover, and scissors.  I’m not really sure why we got it, but it amuses me.

I just thought I’d inform you of some of what your tax dollars are paying for these days, in case you were wondering.   But I’m not one to complain about free stuff, so, oh well.


The best thing I got though was from Matt.

Since he works and I go to school on weekends we try to come up with a schedule beforehand of when we’re going to see each other.  Sometimes I go over to his house after school and sometimes he comes over to my place a little later so that he can get a little more sleep and I can get some stuff done at home.  We usually figure out what we’re going to do after he gets out of work on Saturday morning.  This past Saturday, he sent me a text message saying he’d come over and that he had a surprise for me.

That evening, he arrived with these.

I love them!  They are beautiful and very fall-ish.  He even helped me cut off the ends and arrange them in my vase, causing him to miss buying two model airplanes that he wanted on ebay.  And although I could tell he was disappointed, he didn’t get all upset about it.  I gave him a hug and told him I was sorry he missed out on the auctions, and then we went out to dinner.  I remember a little over a year ago I was wishing for a boy to give me flowers.  Now that I have one, I couldn’t be happier.


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