Extreme Makeover: My Apartment Edition 2

September 4, 2009 § 3 Comments

So it’s been a while.  Life has been ridiculously busy lately, what with plant association training and just regular field season going on.  These past couple weeks it’s sort of felt like I’ve barely had time to breathe between packing and unpacking on the weekend.  But I’m spending next week here in Albuquerque, which will be nice because I’ll get to spend some quality time with Matt.  Although I’m a little mad at him right now, because we were supposed to go to Santa Fe today, but he fell asleep instead.  Boo.  It really sucks having opposite schedules.

Now I’m at home, and trying to clean up a little, since I have a bit more time to get my act together this week, and I thought I’d show you the progress I’ve made since last time.

This week we will be entering no man’s land… the BATHROOM.  dun dun DUN!  Hold onto your butts.

I will start off by telling you that I absolutely LOVE having lots of counter space in the bathroom.  In fact, the main thing that turned me off from one of the apartments I looked at was its tiny tiny counter.  Nevermind the fact that it was also a handicap accessible apartment and looked kind of strange, but when I saw that counter, I was just like, no way.

Anyway, so the moral of the story is I like counter space.  And here, I’ve got some.  And I use it.  Boy, do I use it.

Here’s what it looked like before…


Lucky for you, you cannot see the scummies stuck to the counter.  Ewwy.

And here’s what it looks like now.


Much better!  When I was finishing my thesis, my mom told me I needed to get my ducks in a row and she gave me those little rubber ducks as an Easter gift that year.  I keep them in there now to remind myself that getting  (and keeping) my ducks in a row is no easy task, and a continuous process that I must constantly pay attention too.  As of now, my ducks are getting a little rowdy.  But I’m working on it!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, those things in the glass bowl behind the ducks are rocks.

Next I tackled the floor and the bathtub.  The bathtub is one of my least favorite things to clean, because it’s big, and a weird shape for cleaning, and it has shower doors, which get in the way and are annoying.  But I did it.  Yay!

Here’s what they looked like before.



Between packing and unpacking and cleaning the bathroom, I also managed to do four loads of laundry.  I cleaned my bathroom rugs and towels, and now they are clean and fluffy.  Sadly you cannot see the towels, but trust me, they are clean.  I love clean towels.  They are one of my favorite things in life.


I also cleaned the toilet but am somewhat disappointed with the results.  I think I need those toilet bowl cleaner tabs.  I used them in Vegas and they worked great.

But for now, I’m happy it’s clean.


The ducks are happy too.


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