Spin Cycle: A Revelation

August 22, 2009 § 3 Comments

Ok, so the other day (Monday) I was getting ready to go down to the Gila, loading up the Suburban and whatnot.  It was then that I realized I had neglected to bring my iPod, meaning four hours of driving and listening to nothing but static.  Poor me!  Not to be dismayed, I began searching my car for a chance CD, hoping to find something buried among the seat cushions.  And I found this.

An audiobook!  Why did I not think of that before?  I could have spent the whole summer listening to books on CD.  This particular book got me all the way from Ann Arbor to Albuquerque.  It’s an interesting book about a Mexican girl who transfers her emotions into the food she’s cooking so that everyone who eats it will feel that emotion as well.  I tried to listen to it but for some reason the stupid Suburban did not like it, so I couldn’t.  Luckily, tucked inside this case was a Moby CD so I listened to that a couple times and it was ok.

But I decided I was not going to give up on my CD book idea that easily.  Next week, I’m driving up to Taos and Cimarron for a plant association class (should be interesting), and I’ll need something to listen to.  So this afternoon I walked my lazy butt over to the library in search of a good looking audiobook.  In the end, I came out with this.

I chose this book because it looked scandalous and I could use a good scandal right about now.  I think I like DH Lawrence but I can’t remember.  English Lit class seems so long and far away.

But anyway, I’m going to listen to this book on my trip to Taos and then after that I’ll get more books to listen to when I go back to the Gila in a week, and it will be fabulous.

I think this may be the best idea I’ve had all summer.

*this post is a contribution to the spin cycle, a weekly rant on all things blog-worthy.  check it out to see some more great spins.


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§ 3 Responses to Spin Cycle: A Revelation

  • Sorry I’m late! It’s been a weekend and I’ve actually had my nose buried in a book myself!
    I listened to Devil Wears Prada once when I drove the 2 hours to Tampa and thought it was great but expensive! I’ll be checking any future audiobooks out of the library.
    That one does look scandalous. Let me know what you think and I may have to add it to my list!
    You’re linked!

  • Camille says:

    Scandals are the best. Have fun with that one! Audiobooks have gotten me to Arizona from Canada more than once in my life.

  • Jessica says:

    I’ve never tried it before…but I’m thinking I just might…it would make the miles fly by, I’m sure…

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