Life in the Fast Lane

August 15, 2009 § 3 Comments

Actually, now that I’ve been driving back and forth to Nowhereville, New Mexico (not an actual city) all summer I’ve been spending a lot more time in the fast lane than I’ve ever imagined possible for myself.  (These people in their sedan on their family vacation are going waaay too slow!  I’ll just pass them!  Never really thought I’d do that.)

Anyway, two weeks ago was my last week at the hotel in Reserve, and now we are camping.  I thought it would be hard to go without a shower all week but honestly by the time I got back from work I didn’t really care.  All I wanted to do was drink a beer, eat, sit by the fire for a little while, and go to bed.  So that is what I did.  The weather was really good.  I don’t remember it ever being that warm while I was camping before, even in Nevada and California.  It only rained a little bit.  Once for about ten minutes while we were working, and then the afternoon we were packing up to leave.  Not exactly the most fun time, taking down a tent in the rain, but I guess it can’t be all perfect.

The other thing that wasn’t so perfect was getting stuck behind a locked gate right when we were trying to go back to camp for the evening on Wednesday.  We had to drive allll the way back the other way to get out.  It took about an hour and a half.  Stupid private property.

But other than that it was pretty good.  I got everything done that I wanted to this week.  And also, it was the last week for the student employees (HALLELUJAH!   …I mean, umm, that’s so sad…)  Ok, I’m happy.  They were really starting to get on my last nerve, and I think it will be a lot better now with just the three of us left.

And now, I will leave you with this picture of what I like to do in the field when I run out of stuff to work on.


That was taken last week.  This week, while I was digging, I made up a song for him.

Dirty the soil man

is a very messy soul

with two gravel eyes and a gravel nose

he was dug up from a hole!

Yes, I’m a dork.  Later.


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