Tools, Tunes and Total Awesomeness

July 26, 2009 § 2 Comments

Last Wednesday Matt and I went to see a Tool Concert at the Santa Ana Star Casino in Bernalillo, NM.  It was really cool.  And many shenanigans occurred along the way.

I got off work early and we decided to take a short nap before heading to the concert, which was about half an hour drive away.  I’m a pretty light sleeper so I got up when the alarm went off and started getting ready but Matt is a pain in the butt to wake up (case in point: me spending Easter Sunday with his family while he slept in the other room).  Finally, when I was finished getting ready, I tried again.  This time, all I needed to do was tell him it was 7 pm and he was up in about 2 seconds.  Should have thought of that sooner.  Doors opened at 7:30 and we hadn’t eaten anything yet so we decided to grab something on the way.  The only 2 places on the way were Burger King and McDonald’s.  Since I have sworn off Burger King for life, we took the lesser of the two evils and went to McDonald’s.  They forgot to give me my fries (but still charged me for them) and gave us only one packet of barbecue sauce between the two of us.  Oh, and no napkins either.  I am never going back to that McDonald’s again.

We made it to the concert just in time and the line to get in was really short.  It would have taken me a lot shorter to get through the girl security line but some dumbass could not for the life of him figure out where the line to buy tickets was and he decided to ask the security lady, who had to show him about 3 times because he didn’t get it.  Finally he just gave up and left.  Thank goodness.  I was up next, so I walked up to the lady (who decided it was necessary to brush her hand across my, uh…cooter)  and then two guys started fighting so she stopped right in the middle of what she was doing and called security on her radio.  All because of some stupid boys fighting in the damn parking lot.  Man, boys are dumb.

I got in and the place was PACKED.  I could barely walk anywhere there were so many people, wandering around, buying $7 Bud Light (how silly).  We made a beeline for the stadium and found our seats, which were great.  (This is good because when we were buying our tickets the computer kept giving us crappy seats and we had to try for better ones a whole bunch of times.  Matt was getting really cranky)

The concert was really great.  They played a great mix of songs ranging from old to newer stuff.  In the past, people have said that Tool concerts are really boring because the band just stands there playing their instruments.  This is true.  They do just stand there and play their instruments, but that’s what they’re all about.  They don’t like to be showy and bounce around the stage like idiots.  They want their audience to experience their music, not them.  Plus there’s so much else going on that it doesn’t really matter what’s happening on stage.  They put up a display of video and artwork from their albums and music videos on huge monitor screens, and there was also a laser light show to go along with the pulse of the music and beat of the drum.  It was truly an audio-visual experience.

The one thing I thought was really cool was Maynard (lead singer and musical genius extraordinaire) took back stage to his guitar and bass player and stood in the back with the drummer.  He did do some funny little dances while he was back there but not too much.  Oh and at one point he left the stage and came back stripped down to his skivvies.  Definitely a little weird, but oh well, his music’s good.

Another thing that’s fun about concerts is people watching.  Since we were up in the bowl of the stadium, we could see what was going on down on the floor.  The mosh pit was hilarious.  It was just a circle of people randomly running around and skipping through it.  And someone else threw a whole bunch of sheets of paper into the air like confetti.

I wish I had pictures of all of this.  I didn’t bring my camera because I didn’t think it would be allowed in, but I saw a girl in front of me taking pictures and I was bummed.

But then I thought of the person standing next to me, smiling, having a good time, and so excited to be there with me.  And I thought, this person, holding my hand and giving me kisses, he really cares about me a lot.  And that made me happier than any concert ever could.


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§ 2 Responses to Tools, Tunes and Total Awesomeness

  • samm says:

    Ever notice how mosh pits viewed from above seem to assume the properties of a fluid entity? Currents, tides, eddies, overflow, the whole thing. That’s about the only view I get of the pit these days, I did my pit time in the nineties, and figure I have earned the right to sit in a comfy chair above the melee, beer in hand and enjoy the spectacle!

    I did a post about my pit experiences a while ago here :

  • samm says:

    Aargh, forgot to add that I have to remember that I can take a camera to gigs now. When I first started going to concerts cameras were strictly verboten, and that instinct is dying hard!

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