Back in the Real World

July 20, 2009 § 1 Comment

Normally, at this time, I would be sitting on the balcony of this hotel, drinking cheap, crappy beer with these people.


But not this week.  This week I opted to take a week in the office in order to take care of some personal business… namely, go to a Tool concert.  This is not something you pass up.

But it’s weird not being out in the field.  I’ve come to realize that office work is really not my thing.  As tired as I get, or as frustrated as I get, the field is still a million times better than sitting in the office.  And I’m already going crazy.  Luckily, I don’t have to enter data.  Blah.  I’m looking at my maps and planning field work for the rest of the summer, making appointments to get my new special ID pass, and getting the four-wheel drive on the Suburban fixed.  Etc. Etc.

So… work is ok.  But what I was really looking forward to was spending some more time with Matt.  And I think he wanted to see me too, but I often find myself competing with the other love in his life… airplanes.  If he’s not on flight simulator, he’s on Ebay looking for the best deals on model airplanes.  He already has a collection stacked up to the ceiling.  When we go to the bookstore, he will spend the entire time looking at airplane books.  I’m glad he has something he’s so interested in, but sometimes it just drives me crazy!

So today, he said he’d come over and go swimming with me before he went to work, but this afternoon he sent me a text saying, sorry, he was just getting to bed and wouldn’t be able to come over.  Why was he just getting to bed?  Because he wasn’t tired earlier and decided to play on his computer all morning instead of sleeping.  Nice.

All right.  Okay.  Whatever.  I just took an extra half hour at work, came home and made a fantastic (and healthy!) pasta dinner from my new cookbook, watched a movie, and then was planning to go swimming.  But New Mexico has a fun summer weather event called monsoon season, so it rained, with thunder and lightning, and I did not get to go swimming.  Boo.

Instead, I talked to my brother on the phone.  He called to inform me that my sister was going on a date with a guy from her art class and my parents were freaking out.  Things like that make me glad I have my adult freedoms.  I like doing what I want when I want.  And my apartment is messy but I don’t see any parents or roommates so who cares!

And I can watch silly reality shows like Dating in the Dark without anyone thinking I’m weird or making fun of me.  That’s what I’m off to do now.  Bye.


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