My Boss Told Me I Need to Work Out More

April 14, 2009 § 4 Comments

First off, today this site had more visits than it has ever had in its entire life!  This is exciting.  So, as not to disappoint my adoring fans (hahaha), I am writing a post today!  Aren’t you lucky?

During the past several weeks, I have been perusing the blogosphere in search of some new reading material, and recently stumbled upon a little blog called HASAY, which is all about diet and exercise and such things like that.  This is a topic that has been on my mind for quite some time, and my half-ass method of doing something about it is really not working out all that great.  Now, I realize that I am rather late to the party on this one, but oddly enough, looking at the dates, it appears that this group started right around the time I was going home from another long week in the field and this whole needing to work more on my fitness skills mess started, so perhaps I have been participating in spirit all along?  Or perhaps I am full of crap.  Either way, let’s begin, shall we?

So as I was saying, I was coming home from the Gila, expecting another awkward four hours of sitting quietly listening to banjo music, when my boss started talking to me about stuff.  Mostly about field work and other job-related things (neither of us are much for small talk) when the conversation turned to what we do when not in the field.  As I have learned, what we do when not in the field is a lot of sitting around.  This is not terribly conducive to the very large punch-in-the-face (or kick-in-the-junk, whichever you prefer) that is field season.  So my boss suggested that I start working out in the winter to stay in shape.

In the beginning, I had ideals.  Let me tell you about my ideals.  I was going to join a gym (which I did, even though I have a little mini-gym at my apartment, and even though my boyfriend told me it was a waste of money, etc etc.) and I was going to go there 3-5 times a week, and use the weight machines and the elliptical machine, and I was going to take classes.  All the classes I thought would be useful to me.  Weight lifting, aerobic kickboxing, zumba, yoga, step aerobics, the works.  I was going to do it all.  That was in October.

Now, six months later and about one month to go until next field season, I’ve since cut all classes except yoga and (very rarely) zumba from my fitness agenda.  And I hardly ever go just to use the weights or any of the other machines.  And it’s showing.  Mostly in my middle area.

Let’s go back in time for a moment.  Back to the summer of 2007, when I weighed 124 lbs (awesome) and even my mom noticed how good I looked.  How did that happen?  And what has changed since then?  Well, a couple things.  The first is my friend TT.  Near the beginning of that year (2007), she decided to go on the Weight Watchers diet.  I was not really in need of any sort of structured diet program at the time but I sort of semi-dieted with her anyway.  We ate fat free yogurt or low fat bagels with low fat cheese (Laughing Cow, you can get it at Albertson’s, it’s actually really good) for breakfast and Healthy Choice or Smart Ones frozen dinners for lunch.  I don’t remember what I was eating for dinner around that time, but in the evenings I was exercising, which leads me to the second thing.

My roommates.  To be honest, I wasn’t really a huge fan of either of them.  It’s a long complicated story that I don’t want to get into right now but suffice it to say I wanted to spend as little time around them as possible.  Since sitting in my room all evening isn’t much fun, I started taking walks.  Long walks.  Maybe an hour or more.  Plus I walked pretty much everywhere I needed to go.  The grocery store, the library, wherever.  And sometimes at school when I got bored, I’d walk around there too.  I was a walking fiend.

But without TT, my roommates, and time to kill by wandering around aimlessly, I find myself sitting on my butt a lot more.  And like I said, it shows.  And I’m not going to be happy about it when I’m climbing up steep slopes and digging holes through clay and rocks.

I need to do something about it.  And I need to start now.  Yesterday I began writing down my goals for this year (of which there are many) and one of them is to exercise every day.  Second day in, I’m doing pretty good.  Yesterday I was planning to go to both zumba and yoga but ended up just going to yoga (half-win) and today I went for an hour walk (total win!).

There’s still a lot more to do.  I need to lift weights.  This is very important for my job, and as much as I hate and despise even the thought of picking up a large amount of weight and then putting it down again repeatedly, it is something that must happen.

There is also the issue of diet.  I don’t think I eat that badly.  And most people who know me tell me I don’t really need to diet, just exercise more.  So that will be my main thing.  But I’ll also try to pay more attention to what I eat throughout the day, and what I am doing to work off the excess calories that I do eat.

Ok.  Let’s see how this works out.


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§ 4 Responses to My Boss Told Me I Need to Work Out More

  • Camille says:

    This is admirable! I am a FIRM believer in walking for exercise. My sister runs miles and miles every day, is a two (almost three) time marathon runner, and is very healthy. It works for her, but NOT for me. I will OCCASIONALLY jog, but never for more than 30 minutes, and I never stick with it long enough.

    Incidentally, I have lost 20 pounds since Christmas by eating better and moving my body at least 30 minutes a day (sad that before Christmas, I didn’t even move THAT much).

    Anyway, good for you!

  • chloe86 says:

    I admire you! 🙂 Two weeks ago I bought myself a bike, to force myself to do some exercise. But I don’t think it’s working…
    Chocolate is my worst enemy!

  • Casey says:

    Hey, welcome to HASAY! Of course it’s not too late to start, the more the merrier. I’m with you on the diet vs exercise thing. I’d rather eat in moderation and workout like a madwoman than go on a strict diet. It sounds like you have some reasonable goals set for yourself, good luck this week! We (us crazy HASAYers) have a HASAY post at my place every Monday and you can link up your site’s post on the Monday post. There’s also a mailing list (that I’m signing you up for now) so you can email with the link to any updated HASAY posts. Again, welcome aboard!

    Oh, and if you weighed in the 124 range, your boss needs to shut his/her pie hole since that’s a pretty damn good weight. That’s my goal weight and I have a LOOOOONG way to go.

  • […] Because I haven’t done it in a while Since announcing my intent to work out more and be more healthy, I have come to the sad realization that many of my clothes do not really fit me anymore.  And, […]

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