An Addendum

April 7, 2009 § 1 Comment

Over the weekend, the allergy bug blew in with the wind and bit me in the face.  Subsequently, on Monday, I lived in a hazey, snotty, cough-y daze all day.  And as I was going to blow my nose for the zillionth time that afternoon, I happened to notice the clock and realized it was time for me to go home, having absolutely no recollection of what exactly happened at work that day, except that there was key lime pie, and it was delicious.

Upon arriving home, I found a note attached to my door informing me that the laundry room was being renovated and would be closed until further notice.  Thanks, awesome apartment complex people, for informing me of this AFTER I cleaned my entire bathroom except for my rugs, that are now sitting in a heap on the hallway carpet, which has still not been cleaned since the Great Final Disaster of 2008.  And AFTER I scrounged up three quarters so that I could actually clean those damn rugs that a certain boyfriend is always complaining about.  I really appreciate that.

I decided to clear my head at yoga class, and I drove all the way over to my far far faraway gym only to discover that Monday yoga class was not starting until next week.

Defeated, I returned home to read the Alibi’s Best of Burque Edition, and was amusing myself laughing at ads from “sophisticated gentlemen looking for sex slaves” in the alternative section, when I remembered, I never mentioned what, exactly, the prehistoric people used the agave for, after they grew it.

But now that I have written all of this, I don’t really feel like going into an archaeology lesson right now, so… later!


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  • Camille says:

    That’s good—I didn’t feel like reading an archaeology lesson, either! I normally enjoy them, but…too many big words for me today.

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