Sometimes it Doesn’t Pay to Plan Ahead

February 26, 2009 § 1 Comment

Maybe it was all those times in elementary school when my mom made me walk back to get a forgotten book, but organizing and planning ahead has always been important to me.  I even plan out my work schedule.  Which is probably why my calendar for this month looks like this.


(I thought I should white out some parts with random numbers, because who knows what they are, but I kept the EEO part, because, it’s for everyone.)

My planning-ahead also extends to other aspects of my life, like my relationship.  Back in December, I found out that a band that both Matt and I like were coming to town, so I bought tickets (because I didn’t want them to run out – that has happened to me before, not due to lack of planning, but lack of being in the state – I was finishing my thesis) as a combined Christmas and birthday gift.  Well, several weeks later I found out that I would not be in town during aforesaid concert because of work.  I really did not want to pay that much for Matt to bring someone else so I had to buy the dang insurance and return them.

Fast forward a little bit to his birthday… I still hadn’t gotten him anything, since my original plan backfired, so I decided to order a model airplane that he wanted online.  I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get here so I ordered it like a month ahead of time.  In the meantime, Matt ordered the same thing on Ebay and got it right away.  I got pretty disappointed when I saw it and Matt could tell and thought I was mad at him, but I didn’t want to tell him what was wrong.  I figured I’d just get it in the mail and return it, again, for a refund.  But it had to be returned within 30 days of being shipped.  Well, I waited and waited but it wasn’t showing up.  Then one day I got a package from my mom and the dude in the office came back and said, “oh hey, it looks like you have two packages.”  And one was the plane.  Matt was with me at the time, so I told him about it, and he got really upset, saying that he was dumb and cost me money when I was just trying to do something nice.  But he told me it was probably better to hold onto it and try to sell it later rather than paying a bunch of shipping just to get like half my money back in the end.  So now I have a model airplane, in a box, just sitting around my apartment doing nothing.

From now on, I think that if I’m going to get Matt a gift, I’ll just give him money, or make something, like this card I made him for Valentine’s Day.


Or this little gift box I made for his birthday.


(I got the idea for this here, with my own little modifications, like attaching wrapping paper to greeting card stock to make it stronger and writing words that I thought described him in gold pen)

Yay planning ahead!


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