A Series of Fortunate Events

February 18, 2009 § 3 Comments

Something that I have come to love in recent times is having lots of quarters.  They are very useful when doing laundry and buying things from the vending machines at work.  Sadly, not too long ago, my once large quarter supply was depleted by an extreme amount of laundry that needed to be done.

One day I found myself in desperate need of a soda, only, to my dismay, to find these in my change purse:


CANADIAN QUARTERS!  As lovely as they are, and as much as I love Canada (some days I even wish I were Canadian), these quarters will just not do in U.S. vending and laundry machines.  Needless to say, I went without my soda that day.  And then this weekend I went without doing laundry due to a severe lack of quarters with George Washington’s face on them.

Yesterday I attempted to go to the bank to get myself a roll of quarters.  But when I got there, the bank was closed.  Apparently banks like to close right around the time most people get out of work.  Convenient.

BUT TODAY… something incredible happened.  Just before lunch I was sitting in my cubicle as usual when I overheard Jack (who is in the cubicle next to me) talking to someone on the phone about losing a dollar in the Pepsi machine.  I didn’t think too much of it and soon after I went downstairs to the break room to eat lunch.  I like to clean off my spoon before I use it, so I was doing that when I noticed quarters coming out of the vending machine…. all by themselves!

I thought the quarters might belong to Jack so I brought them upstairs and told him about what happened.  He said he didn’t feel right saying they were his so he let me keep them, saying, “I guess that’s a free soda, then.”  More like free laundry, I thought, and went on my merry way.

At this point I was just one quarter short of a load of laundry but I also had to refill my prescription at the pharmacy, so I went over there after work, bought my prescription and a few other things, and among my change was ONE QUARTER.  It was fate.

And that is why I am up right now writing this ridiculous, insignificant story.  Because I am waiting for my laundry.  I think it’s just about done.


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§ 3 Responses to A Series of Fortunate Events

  • coffeegopher says:

    I love finding free quarters! I need them to park on the street right next to my office instead of in the assigned staff lot that’s 10,000 miles away. Its funny though. I usually “find” my quarters in my husband’s change bucket… Weird…

  • archiveslives says:

    Quarters are great. I know how you feel about Canadian quarters. Living in Canada but being American, I often have a variety of each country’s change in my wallet. It’s most annoying when I go to buy something and have the wrong currency (though Canadians take US change, so it’s not as big a deal up here). Quarters rock!

  • TropicGirl says:

    Cute post! Free money is always good!

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