Joys and Perils in the 21st Century

February 11, 2009 § 1 Comment

When I’m at work, to pass the time while entering data all day, I enjoy listening to music.  Upon arriving I listen to my favorite morning show until 10 am.  Then this guy Ralphie comes on, who I don’t like because he’s boring and has an annoying voice.  (And if he plays that ridiculous new Offspring song one more time, I swear….)

Anyway, so after 10 am, I switch over to my ipod.  I find that I rarely listen to my own music outside of work hours because I either play with my internets and/or watch tv when I get home, and also because Matt and I sometimes have a difference of opinion of what music is good and what is not.  In general we like the same genres but occasionally I like to listen to some Ani Difranco, Dave Matthews, Kelly Clarkson, etc. Music that Matt would consider, well, not so great.  Whenever he doesn’t like something he makes a crazy noise with his mouth.  (He also likes to do it to annoy teenage girls at the grocery store).  It’s hard to describe in writing, so I’ll just show you.

It can be kind of funny when he does this unless it is in reference to me or something that I like.  So in order to avoid that happening and, subsequently, me getting mad at him, I just listen to my ipod at work.

However, something is amiss with my ipod.  Perhaps because (by today’s standards) it is old.  Or it may be that my computer, which is also (considered) old, has decided it no longer likes my ipod and won’t let it update from my itunes.  Every time I try to connect my ipod to the computer it says there is an error and won’t let me do anything with it.  Why is there an error?  I don’t understand.  I’m also not sure if it is a computer problem or an ipod problem, or both.  It’s annoying, but I probably won’t do anything about it, because I’m lazy.

It gets me thinking, though.  Why is it that things like the pyramids and hieroglyphics and other ancient artifacts have lasted so long but we can’t seem to keep a computer going for more than 5 years?


ancient artifacts, laptop computer and ipod, circa 2005 and 2007, respectively

If the ancient Egyptians were alive today, could they have come up with a computer with better longevity?  Even now, there are still things we can’t match in terms of their technology.  What did they know that we don’t?  Matt thinks it’s because they were aliens.  Maybe he’s right.


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§ One Response to Joys and Perils in the 21st Century

  • psa37 says:

    Computers are the bane of my life! I’m pretty sure they design them so they break after a couple of years so you have to spend more money on their products.

    Hi by the way – not commented before. Have enjoyed reading your blog 🙂

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