At Work with a Soil Scientist

January 20, 2009 § 2 Comments


One nice thing about my job is paid holidays.  They are fantastical.  I had one such day yesterday on MLK day, which gave me a nice long weekend to enjoy with the BF (yay!); however, today, I had to go back to work (boo!).

Now, I really can’t complain, because, the way the economy is right now, and looking at Matt and my brother’s (and many others’) current situation, I’ve got it made.  Seriously, I have job security up the wazoo (well, at least I do right now).  I could be the girl with the Master’s Degree working at McDonald’s (scary).  I could be unemployed and living with my parents (even more scary).

And honestly, there’s nothing actually wrong with my job.  I don’t necessarily hate it.  It’s (essentially) what I went to school for (yes, I know, bad ending with a preposition. bad bad!).  My fellow employees are nice enough.  My boss is perfectly fine to work with (minus the hillbilly banjo music for 4 HOURS on the way to the Gila–that’s kinda painful).  I’m just…bored.  I wake up and dread going into work and sitting there all day.  I watch the clock constantly.  I play around on the internet for a good part of the day.  And I enter countless amounts of data into a GIS file.  This is what I am supposed to be doing.

I also keep a blog at work.  My boss is making me.  I call it my work log.  It’s terribly fascinating.  My entries generally go something like this: 20 sites entered into NRIS database. Read map unit section of Soil Survey Handbook (Oh, yes, I also read things to break up my day a little bit, add a little spice to my life — haha).  So I handed in my little work log with my time sheet last week (as per boss’ orders), and he came back to my cubicle and asked me if next time I could try to keep track of how many sites I enter per hour, so he would know how many I could get through in a day if I worked on it non-stop, with no interruptions.  Oh joy.

I want to like my job.  I want to be excited to go to work.  Whenever I tell someone what I do, they think it’s really cool.  I’m not really sure what is wrong with me.  Hopefully this next field season will be good.  That is really what I went to school for, but that was hard for me last year too (mostly just the driving and being away from home for so long), so who knows?

On the other hand, some days are really great, but those are few and far between.  Perhaps once I learn more and feel more confident I will have more responsibility and will be happier in my chosen career.  It’s only been, what, six months?  But for now… I think my inner English major is bored and needs something to do.  So, I’m going to try to write more in my free time.  In this journal (I’ve got some what I hope will be fun and entertaining ideas), and also, I’ve been thinking about writing stories again, possibly a novel.  I’d like to, anyway.  We’ll see how that goes.


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§ 2 Responses to At Work with a Soil Scientist

  • coffeegopher says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I am in a rut with work right now, too. I like my job (most days), but I can’t help but stop and think, “This is what I am paying student loans for?” But you’re right. Its better than the alternative, and so many people right now are in worse positions than me. Guess we just have to suck it up and find ways to spice up our routine!

  • archiveslives says:

    I’m hoping to do something I really enjoy once I graduate…only I have no idea what it will be.


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