The Other Half

January 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

And now we will take a look at the other side of the coin, in which having a boyfriend is fantastically amazingly wonderful.

After Matt calmed down from the Federico’s fiasco, we ended up having a very nice, productive weekend.  In reality, it was more productive for me, but that just goes to show how awesome Matt is.  I took my car to the dealer on Saturday because it was making weirdo squeaky noises and Matt drove in his car as well so I wouldn’t have to sit around for three hours.  During that time we proceeded to eat breakfast burritos at Golden Pride (yum!) and then walked around Nob Hill.  I’m not really sure how to describe Nob Hill.  It’s sorta like downtown, except it’s separate from downtown Albuquerque.  It’s close to campus so a lot of students hang out there, I guess.  It has a lot of nontraditional/artsy-type stores, and of course, a Flying Star (mmmmmm!!!).  Anyway, so the car guy called and said I needed my front brake pads replaced ($$$$$).  But brakes are pretty important, so I said yes, they could replace my brake pads.

After it was fixed, Matt went to get a haircut and I went to Target to buy a shoe rack because before this weekend my shoes ended up wherever I took them off my feet.  Since Matt is having some difficult times financially I have agreed to pay for (many of –not all, I’m not that much of a pushover) the things we do together in return for him doing nice things for me, like setting up my shoe rack, which he was more than willing to do.  He even helped me decide where to put which shoes.

my new shoe rack, so very organized!

my new shoe rack, so very organized!

He also helped me with choosing a reasonably priced, yet good water filter for my sink.  This was desperately needed as the water that came out of my faucet was disgusting and smelled/tasted like chlorine and grossness.  When it arrived, he helped me set it up and then drove me to Home Depot to help me pick out an adapter to attach it to the faucet because the one that came with it apparently did not fit on sinks made in the 1980s.  I now have fabulous, non-icky water.

new water filter!  (please pardon the dirty dishes)

new water filter! (please pardon the dirty dishes)

Isn’t that nice?  He also cooks dinner for me (and cleans up after himself!), goes grocery shopping with me, “helps” with my laundry and household cleaning, and takes out the trash and recycling.  He’s like my own little personal assistant, with benefits.  And for some reason he thinks I’m the most wonderful girl in the world.  Everyone should have one of him.  He is fantastic!

But enough blabbing about the boy.  I have to go to the drugstore to pick up some essentials.  I will leave you with this amusing conversation I had over Christmas dinner in which my cousin Stacy was asking me questions about Matt.  The conversation also involves my brother, Michael, and my sister, Cara.

Stacy: How did you meet?

Me: At a party.

Michael: Oh, those relationships never work out.

Cara: Mom and Dad met at a Christmas party.

Stacy: What was your dad doing at a Christmas party? (fyi my dad is Jewish)

Cara: I don’t know…picking up chicks?


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