Weekend Setbacks, Successes and Shenanigans

January 12, 2009 § 1 Comment

Weekend planning is definitely different now that I am in a relationship.  It can have its benefits, but also involves some compromise that I’m not used to.  Every month, The New Mexico Natural History and Science Museum has a Geoscience collection tour that just so happened to be last Friday.  I really wanted to go but since it was a nice day I agreed with Matt to go for a hike with his two friends Adam and Tina on the Sandia Crest.

I left work early and on the way to Matt’s house I decided to get some gas.  While the gas was pumping, being the idiot I am, I decided to try to shift my keys around in my hands even though I was still holding the gas nozzle, and it flew out and splashed all over me.  Then I said “Fuck!”  really loud and people probably heard me, and I continued to fill my gas tank.  But the damage was done.  I smelled like gasoline so bad.

Since I was already on my way to Matt’s I just went over there and the first thing Matt noticed was the smell.  As it turns out Adam had “something” to do so he and Tina couldn’t go out with us after all, and then for some reason it got really windy all of a sudden so Matt told me to just go home and he’d come over in a little bit to help me do my laundry so my clothes wouldn’t smell.

We were both in a pretty bad mood considering the disappointing turn of events that afternoon and Matt decided that the thing that would make him happy was going to Federico’s (one of his favorite Mexican restaurants) for rolled tacos and enchiladas.  Unfortunately, the girl who took our order was not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer and apparently didn’t understand what we wanted so she only rang us up for one of our orders and we didn’t notice until we were about half way home with the food.  True, perhaps we should have paid more attention to what we got but the moral of the story is… Matt. was. pissed.  He wouldn’t even eat any of the food we got.  I told him we could share but he said he wanted me to have it and made pasta for himself.  He would only eat one of the rolled tacos I didn’t eat because I was full and he didn’t want it to go to waste.

So Friday ended on a poor note but lots more happened this weekend.  To be continued…


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  • coffeegopher says:

    I have days like that with my husband, too. I hate it when I have a really good day and come home in a great mood, but he has a really crappy day and comes home like a bear. His mood effects my mood which effects our plans which pisses me off more… Its a mess. Relationships are great, but you sometimes forget that you share EVERYTHING – even bad days!

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