Old Year Mishaps and New Year Resolutions

January 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

It was a bit of a bumpy ride coming into the New Year. Literally.

We should probably start at the beginning. Saturday before I left for Christmas break. I decided it would be a good idea to eat Taco Sal (yummy!) for lunch that day and macaroni and cheese for dinner. Mind you, weekend lunch and dinner for me are generally around 2 pm and 9 pm, respectively. The next morning, the day I left for the A-2, I really had to poop. So I did. And then went off to do…something else for a while. Later I went back into the bathroom to take a shower and the whole bathroom was FLOODED. Yep. My toilet overflowed. Luckily, Matt was over to drive me to the airport and he knew enough to turn the toilet off (because I sure wouldn’t have thought to do that) and then we proceeded to soak poop water up off the bathroom floor and hallway carpet. It was a really fabulous way to start the vacation.

I was hoping for a nice, easy plane ride to MI, and really for the most part it was. Minus a few annoyances. First of all, Albuquerque has direct flights to pretty much nowhere, so I had to make a connection in Minnesota. As did pretty much everyone else on my flight. The day I left it was very cold in Minnesota so the plane was icy or something and the flight got delayed. When we finally got into Minnesota many people had missed their connecting flights. Fortunately I did not because I had a three hour layover anyway. So I got on the second plane and ended up in the very back of the plane, window side. Except there was no window there because I was right over the engine, which was LOUD. I had to cover my ears and could barely hear my ipod. I could also barely hear anything the pilot or flight attendants said over the intercom. It pretty much just sounded like wahwahwah to me. When we got into Detroit, it was so cold the ground crew could not go outside for more than a couple minutes so we had to wait for half an hour just sitting there waiting for someone to come out and park us. When I finally got out my mom informed me that checked luggage might take up to 2 hours to come in (by the way I absolutely HATE that they make you check luggage because of the whole liquid thing and then charge $15 to check it). Luckily it did not take 2 hours and I went out into the coldness and finally home.

Being home for the holidays was really nice and relaxing.  I spent all of Monday lounging around in my pajamas and it was fabulous.  Tuesday I got my haircut and then my sister and I went out into the craziness to finish up some last minute holiday shopping.  Christmas Eve was a  brunch party at the next door neighbors’ and then church where we listened to Fr. Borier Snorier (as my brother calls him).  Christmas day was lots of fun with family and food.  We tried out this new thing where we played the white elephant gift exchange game, but used gift cards instead of crappy gifts.  It worked out ok.  I ended up with Kohl’s, which was pretty good.  I’m just glad I did not get Tim Horton’s or Lowe’s.  Or Wal Mart.  Blah.  The rest of the time was just more relaxing and hanging out.  All in all, a very good time.

On Monday I flew back home, which took a while due to the non-direct flight thing.  But I made it back and went into work on Tuesday and Wednesday and have been off ever since.  New Year’s Eve was pretty quiet and uneventful.  Matt and I had a nice dinner at Il Vicino, a yummy (though somewhat pricey) Italian restaurant, and then went home to make fun of Ryan Seacrest and watch the ball drop on tv.  So, no wild parties this year, which is ok.  New Year’s day we didn’t do a whole lot but on Friday it was really nice outside so we went to Petroglyph National Monument, which was pretty and cool.  I also saw one of my co-workers there with his wife and twin sons.  So I hope he doesn’t tell my boss on me (hehe 🙂  Saturday was pretty nice too so we ate lunch on my balcony and then were going to go for a hike but it got windy and cold all of a sudden so we spent the rest of the afternoon at Matt’s house, where he just got in a new shipment of model airplanes (he loooooves airplanes) so we looked at those for a while and then went back to my place to make dinner Trader Joe’s style.  Sunday we went to the most fantastic Indian buffet which was really really good but did cause me to have a few small regrets in the Borders’ bathroom, where we went next.  We spent the rest of the afternoon looking at books, magazines, etc.

I’m back at work now so that’s really exciting (not really).  I’ve actually taken a few days to write this post– write a little, get distracted, come back, you know how it goes.  So in the meantime I’ve thought of some more things to talk about but at this point it would be going off on a tangent and take for-ev-er so we’ll save that for later.  I’ve just been thinking a lot about my life as it stands now, both personally and professionally and it seems I’ve got a lot of decisions to make within the next couple years.  But those will come later.  For now my new year’s resolution will be to get organized and prioritized in my life in both big and small ways so that I will be in a better position to make some of those big decisions in the future. 

And that’s about it.  If you made it to the end of this post, good for you, you win!

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