I wanna fly away

December 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

Well, I had a lovely post all typed up last night and then the internet decided to eat it.  So, sadly, you will never get to read aforementioned post.  But you do get to read this one!  Hooray!

The post I had written was about my work conference last week, during which I did not sit at my computer and enter endless site locations into GIS.  Instead, I went to a nice hotel conference room and listened to discussions about fugitive dust and the like.  The best part though was the free breakfast buffet.  It was absolutely grand.

This week I am back at work entering said points into GIS and I’m going crazy.  It doesn’t help that I started my period today so I was in pain and overly emotional.  I actually started crying at work this afternoon because I found out I had to go to archaeology training in March.  I don’t even mind having to go to archaeology training.  Actually I’m looking forward to it.  I just need to keep telling myself that I only have two more days and then I get to go on vacation.  Ahh, vacation.  I hear the upper midwest is lovely this time of year.


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