The good, the bad, and the UGLY

October 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

Ok.  So.  It’s true.  I have a boyfriend.  My first one.  Ever.  Yeah.

His name is Matt.  We met at a party where we were the two youngest people there.  I noticed him pretty much right away and wanted to go talk to him but I was shy (duh). Plus this weird old dude kept talking to me.  But I finally had a chance to break away, and somewhere in between doing apple pie shots, he came up to me and we started talking.  After the party when everyone else went off to “hook up” or whatever we just sat in my car and talked until 5 am.  A couple days later, he called me and asked me out for pizza.  So we had dinner and smoked a hookah with some random lesbians (who were probably like 17), and the rest is history.

So far things have been good.  He likes the outdoors.  I like his friends.  We’re both kinda dorky.  Etc.  For my half birthday, he bought me flowers and champagne, which I thought was sweet and funny, because I never actually celebrated my half birthday before.  And after I lost my purse (which was totally shitty, and which I am still dealing with – but it’s getting better now) he came over and we watched Clerks and made green chile cheese fries.

And he kills the bugs in my apartment.  It still boggles my mind that I never had bugs, and then they sprayed for bugs, and now I have bugs.  Roaches, mostly.  But they’re little.  Not humungous like the ones in Vegas.  And there are no crickets, that I can tell anyway.  So that’s something.

In between all of this, I go to work on occasion.  Field season is pretty much over so I am attempting to stay awake while working in the office all day.  Sometimes I will go to the bathroom and/or print things just to have an excuse to walk down the hall.  And I always leave the office at lunch, even if it is to go sit on the curb in the parking lot for half an hour.  I’m really trying to keep myself occupied with work things.  Today I finished two online courses that I had to take on ethics and computer security.  And then I cancelled my credit cards.  Ok not so work related but necessary nonetheless.

But tomorrow is Thursday and I want to carve my pumpkin and go to the haunted house at the mall.  Because it is supposed to be insanely scary.  But I’ll probably just go to the mvd express and get a replacement driver’s license.  Damn Mexican purse snatchers (oh come on, you know they’re Mexican).


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