The Gila Monster

September 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

Thus ends my second week of field work in the Gila National Forest.  It should’ve been third but I didn’t go the first week because I was sick with a deadly disease (aka strep throat, but it felt like a deadly disease at the time!).  Anyway, so I went and met (and worked with) a girl named Nori from Silver City.  She seems nice, but is all hardworking and studious and helpful.  She will pick up the sharpshooter (my most hated soil science tool) without being asked, she studies plant names and looks at maps after we’ve stopped field work for the day, and she always asks if Steve and I need help making dinner when it is not her night to make it.  Not that any of these things makes her a horrible person, it just makes me look more like one.  Shame!  Shame on her! 

The Gila is nice.  It’s pretty.  Maybe prettier than the caldera.  I dunno.  Maybe it’s the diversity of species.  Or maybe it’s just because I was sick of the caldera.  It is very far away, like 4 hours from Albuquerque.  Which is a whole load of fun to ride with my boss, not talking, and listening to his hillbilly banjo music.  And next week we’re picking up Nori so we will be driving 5 hours!  Hooray!  I think I will bring my ipod next time, and Steve can listen to some Chili Peppers or Kelly Clarkson or some other random poppy thing that he will probably not like.

But starting next week, field work will get more sporadic.  We’re doing a short week, and then Nori needs a week in the office to get ready for GSA (BTW: totally excited for some fun – hopefully not floody – times in Houston) and we’re working in her map area so none of us will be going in the field that week, then there’s GSA/SSSA, and then there’s a holiday and field review (which I don’t know much about except that everyone drinks a lot of beer).  And I’m not sure what’s happening after that.  BUT this weekend I’m going to smash some grapes with my feet and see if I can make enough juice to win myself a trip to Mexico!  Yeah, they do weird things here.  I asked this one guy to go with me and be my stomping partner, but I’m not sure if he will go or not.  Otherwise maybe this other guy Tim that I met on the tram will be my partner…hmmm…. more on this later.  maybe.


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