What your tax dollars are paying for

August 1, 2008 § 2 Comments

My kickin’ new backpack, that’s what!

But, oh yeah, I can’t get it yet because REI is being dumb and won’t let me come pick it up if it’s paid for by someone else’s credit card.  Something lame about credit card fraud… I dunno.  So I think I’m just going to get it online or something.

My weekly hotel stays and per diem are also all paid.  I get like $49 for food per day, which I barely even use because I have this weird thing with restaurants and I usually end up eating not much or only raw vegetables if I can get away with it.  But I am always STARVING at lunchtime.  This past week I ate almost an entire block of cheese in two days.  MMMM… cheese.  So I guess I could say the money goes towards my groceries too.

PLUS!  Our entire office building got brand new computers this week.  I set mine up today and it took me allllll day to get it to work.  I even had to stay an hour later than I was planning.  Guess that means an hour off for me next week!  And the computer is huge.  It has a 300 GB hard drive or something ridiculous like that.  Man it is heavy!


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§ 2 Responses to What your tax dollars are paying for

  • Carol says:

    That’s an awesome backpack! It looks comfortable and it has a lot of pockets, which is always my deciding factor for backpacks.

    Your field work sounds like fun, at least the hiking and digging part. I’m with you on vegetables. Some people get cravings for fried foods or ice cream; I get cravings for green beans, blueberries, carrots, etc.

    My work computer is really old, but they gave us nice flat-screen monitors a while back because the cyclotron magnets affected our old crt ones (we had to degauss our screens multiple times per day, and it didn’t even work after a while).

  • maureenlynn says:

    It is really comfortable. It’s made for women, so it fits my “curves.” And the pockets are great too. I have been imagining what I can put in them when I finally get it.

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