Don’t mind the work, but I’m afraid to suffer

July 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

On Thursday night I came back from my first week in the field.  And while I was so very glad to get out of the boredom of the office, field work is HARD.  The worst part this week was the driving and the hiking.  The roads in the VCNP are very bumpy and windy so I felt at least a little nauseous most days.  And trying to keep up with three relatively tall males can be difficult at times.  This time I went out with my boss (who is extra tall) and Dan the student co-op.  When we got up there we met up with an archaeologist who had to clear our sites before we could dig.  Basically, he looked around for obsidian that looked like it had been made into a spear or something.  If he didn’t find anything in a 20 meter radius, which he usually didn’t, we were allowed to dig a meter by meter pit there.  That’s what we will be starting next week.  The nice thing about having guys around is I’m not expected to do a lot of the digging.  Dan thinks him being a guy helped him get the job, and I sort of have to agree with him.  It’s definitely helpful for a female scientist such as myself to have a guy out with her in the field.  And he’s a really great person to have around as well.  His degree program is more in the plants/horticulture area but he’s interested in everything and seems genuinely happy to be out in the field, which is always a good thing.  I’m glad he’ll be working with us for the next two summers.

Another hard part about being in the field is the food situation.  I had packed sandwiches but my attempts to keep them cold did not work out so well and I ended up having to get rid of them.  I think next time I will try cheese and crackers.  For dinner we eat in restaurants in the town where we are staying at the time.  Last time we stayed in Espanola which pretty much has New Mexican and Chinese.  The New Mexican was good but HOT and my stomach was not happy about it at all.  There were definitely a couple points when I was afraid I’d throw up all over the table/floor/parking lot.  Wouldn’t that have been a nice introduction to the field… losing my cookies in front of the boss.  Luckily I didn’t.  Needless to say, I think I’ll hold off on the green chili in subsequent weeks.


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