Somehow we’ll make it, ’cause that’s what we do

July 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

I suppose I should update this thing, since some stuff has happened, as is bound to occur from time to time.  And also because I now have the hookup…the internet hookup, that is.  I also have a whole 5 tv channels!  Yes!  Now all I need is some furniture, which is coming early–next weekend as a matter of fact! 

Now that I have the internet at home, I suppose I’ll be spending less time at The Flying Star, which is probably a good thing.  Except that when I was there the other night, some guy came up to me and wanted me to help him figure out how to get on a website.  And then he paid me for helping him.  Isn’t that weird?  Oh well, if people are willing to give me money, I’m most definitely willing to take it.

But Maureen, you may ask, what about the job?  Ahh, yes, the job.  The reason I came here in the first place.  Well… it’s a job.  I have to get a paycheck before I can actually do anything worth doing, so most of the time I just sit around reading things my boss gave me about soil, plants, climate and archaeology.  The archaeology stuff is actually pretty interesting.  It’s got me wondering about how societies develop.  Why is it that European society developed one way and Native American society developed another way?  Does it have to do with environment, a difference in intelligence level, or necessity?  I have noo idea. 

I could say more but I’m getting lazy and I have to get up early for work tomorrow so that will be it for now.  More later.


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