Complications of a Mastermind

June 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

I am so depressed.  It all started yesterday afternoon when I had a craving for Dairy Queen.  I finally convinced my brother to go with me that evening after he got home from his friend’s house.  We walked there because we don’t live very far away and it was nice out.  I didn’t really want to carry my purse around with me and the shorts I was wearing didn’t have any pockets so I just stuck a $20 bill in my waistband. 

So we get there, buy our ice cream, and head home.  All is grand.  Except not.  As soon as we’re almost home, I realize, my change is gone (I put it in the same spot as before), so we end up walking aaaalllll the way back to DQ and find… nothing.  All the while with my brother saying “I can’t believe you would be so dumb!”  Defeated, I return home to cry and watch the end of Hell’s Kitchen.

And that’s how I spent $20 on an ice cream cone.


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