Fun Times

June 4, 2008 § Leave a comment

Ok.  so.  lots of stuff going on.  And not all of it that fantastic.  My uncle’s not doing well so my dad is probably flying down to see him and my aunt, who is having a hard time holding up.  And my 93 year old grandpa’s scheduled for surgery next week.  The next few days should be interesting.

As for me, my problems are more insignificant but still annoying.  I talked to someone about getting my transcript and they said my degree was posted (finally) and they would send my transcript out the next day.  That was last week.  So I’ve been waiting (im)patiently checking the mail constantly only to discover that the transcript was just processed and sent today.  Fabulous.  Luckily the lady down in HR is very understanding, as is my future boss.  It’s just that a lot of other things, like moving, preparing to move, and everything that goes with it, are being put on hold until the whole job thing comes through.

But I have been trying to make room for some fun.  I’m actually really getting into my book now.  The one I was talking about a while ago when I first started reading it.  It got way better.  It’s very long though.  973 pages.  My problem with books is that when I get to a part with a whole bunch of description or if there’s like a part about a battle I get bored and skip a couple pages to get to the more interesting part but then I feel guilty and have to read everything again.

But anyway, more fun stuff.  The other night, I decided I never get out so I initiated a family bowling night.  I did reaaallly bad.  The first game I got a score of 25.  Yeah.  But I improved over time and I even got one strike.  And I had fun singing and dancing along with the music. 

That’s about it.  Things are up and down.  But I guess that’s how things go sometimes.  Speaking of up and down, maybe I’ll go check how the Red Wings are doing.  Seeya.

*EDIT* Just caught the end of the game.  Wow.  Awesome.  Go RED WINGS!


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