London in the summertime

May 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

Ten points if you can name the title and artist of the song referenced in the above line. 

My sister is off in England right now, and from there will take a tour around mainland Europe.  I am sooo jealous!  New Mexico sounds way boring compared to that.  If I even get to go to New Mexico.  It is taking forever to get my grad transcript and the transcript people are being a big pain in the butt about it too.  So today I got fed up and started to get a little rude.  My advisor has told me that I need to be more professional in my interactions with people, but sometimes people are just stupid.

Speaking of my advisor, I sent off my introduction for the paper he wants me to write last week, but haven’t heard back about it yet, because, oh, by the way, he’s in Scotland.  Nice.  So i’m just sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for things to happen.  Messing around with my scrapbook (I made two England pages) and watching movies.  Today I watched Across the Universe, the Beatles musical one.  My opinion: The basis for the plot is a little weak, there are several unnecessary characters, and it’s too long.  But it’s not bad, and the music was good, of course.

The holiday weekend was good.  We went up to the cottage for a family shindig-type deal.  Went kayaking, took a boat ride, the usual.  Oh yeah, and painted the house.  My uncle is a professional painter so he did most of it.  I mostly did prep work because apparently my family doesn’t trust me to paint things.  But I did get to go up on the roof.  My sister’s friend from school lives two doors down and she came over while the painting was going on, stood there watching for a while, noticed the bushes were covered with towels (to keep the paint off), and said “oh, are we expecting a frost tonight?”  My uncle thought that was the funniest thing ever.  He brought it up at least three times.

It was a good time, though.  Good food, great weather.  Unfortunately, the temperature has since gone down into the 60s, which I suppose isn’t so cold, but coming from Vegas it’s kinda rough.  I hear we’re expecting a frost tonight.  Better go cover the bushes.


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