Fried Mush

May 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

Lots of stuff to talk about today.  I might get too lazy to write it all out, and I always hate when people write really long posts because evidently I don’t like reading all that much…  So I’ll try to make it short, somewhat.

Let’s see, Monday, we went to the cottage and spread out mulch.  I got to use a hoe!  (hehe, I said hoe 🙂  And some dudes came over and fixed the sidewalk. 

On Tuesday, our friend/neighbor Amanda invited us to 50 cent movie night at the mall, so Cara and I went ahead of time for shopping.  I got some free Victoria’s Secret underpants, and I bought a cute summery dress.  We saw Fool’s Gold, which I actually really liked, because it was kind of like an adventure movie, and it was about anthropology, sorta.

Wednesday… I forget what I did on Wednesday.  Oh I made dinner.  Taco pizza.  It was good.  Thursday we went to the flower store, to get flowers that you can plant, you know.  There were lots of greenhouses and stuff.  Cara and I pretended that we were on The Simple Life.  She was Paris and I was Nicole.  It was cold and rainy.

Friday I went to get a movie and ran into an old friend from grade/high school, who I haven’t seen in, like, years.  So it was kind of cool to see her.  Um, she’s getting married, but I already knew that, and she works for American Greetings doing something with Birthday Cards for Her, which is their biggest department.  When I told her what I was doing, she was like, “What is a soil scientist and what do they do?”  Haha. 

Saturday I baked a chocolate cake (featured in the picture) and pretended to work on my paper.  Yeah, really should work on that this week…  And today we went to my grandparents’ house for mothers’ day and ended up looking at my grandpa’s baseball card and stamp collections, which are actually quite extensive and impressive.  He also won a shotgun in some contest so we looked at that for a while as well.  Otherwise I mostly just sat around and talked to people about New Mexico and whatnot.  And that’s about it.


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