Back from Vegas

April 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

Well, kids, it’s over.  After almost 3 years of grad school, I am finally finished with my thesis.  I got lots of stuff done during my week in Vegas and I’m really glad I was able to go back when I did.  It was good to be there and see everyone again.  It’s GREAT to be done.

I had a good time staying with Mandy and her husband (even if he does eat waffles at night).  Mandy and I went for a hike at Red Rocks, I got hit on by some random shady guys in a car while I was walking, we went to Brenda’s wedding shower (a drunk Brenda is always entertaining), and celebrated the finishing of my thesis at Crown & Anchor.

In other news, I’m 99% positive I have a job.  After listening to many people’s opinions, I decided to accept the job in New Mexico.  So I’m just waiting on HR now, which may be a while.  I don’t mind.  The timing couldn’t be better.  It’s crazy how things work out.  Done with my Master’s degree, getting ready to start a job…  I couldn’t be happier about my situation right now.  Well… maybe one thing could be different.  But that’s not up to me.  I just have to trust that whatever happens was meant to be.  The whole series of events leading up to this point has proven to me how true that is.


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