Job Interview

March 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

I just got back from interviewing with an environmental consulting company in Houston.  Overall, I think it went pretty well.  The main complaint that I have is they never told me my interview schedule, so I had no idea when I would be done.  And then they wanted to take everyone back to the airport at noon when most of our flights weren’t until 7 p.m.  But more on that later.  So about the interview…

I got in around 7:30 pm on Friday and a guy in a nice car came to pick me up and bring me to my hotel.  The airport is huge;  the surounding area is like its own city.  Plus the hotel and the office where I had the interview are way out in the boonies so the car ride took for-ev-er.  Luckily, Mandy called me and we talked for about 15-20 minutes, so that passed some of the time.  After I got to my hotel, Tonia and Lauren came over and we talked for about an hour.  And then I went to bed.

 The next morning, four other guys and I were picked up in this bus thing and we went to the office building for the company.  There were about 10 people interviewing in the morning session, which I was in, and I was one of two girls.  For the first 15 minutes or so we just stood around in the training room looking around and random employees would come in and introduce themselves to us.  They also had food but no one else ate anything so all I had were a couple pieces of pineapple. 

Then one of the partners gave us a little powerpoint presentation about the company and after that everyone split up into separate rooms.  I had my formal interview first.  It was with the guy who gave the presentation and then another manager guy as well.  It went ok.  They asked those annoying personality questions like “Give us a specific example of how you dealt with some particular issue” type thing.  Not what I was expecting at all.  I think I came up with some pretty good answers and also maybe some not so good answers.

Next I talked to this lady who went over benefits.  She was really nice, but gave me waaay too much personal information about herself that I really did not need to know.  Then last I met with a girl who had been with the company for about three years and she gave me a tour of the office.  They have all of the third floor, most of the second floor, and part of the first floor of the building (At first I was somewhat impressed by this.  Then later Tonia told me Exxon had 8 buildings.)  There were two other recently hired employees with us as well and they all told me about their experiences with working there so far and why they liked it.  For me, I think that was probably the best part of the whole interview.  Overall, everyone was really nice and laid back and I enjoyed my time there.

After it was over, the bus came back to take everyone to the airport but I asked to get off back at the hotel instead since my flight wasn’t until 7:15 pm and it was only noon.  So Tonia and Lauren came to pick me up (it took them a while because of bad traffic and I felt bad) and we went to lunch because I was staaarving by that point and then they showed me around town.  I saw enormous mansions and falling apart houses sinking into the ground.  It’s a very interesting place.  I also got to see their house, and we played some Nintendo Wii, which was interesting.  I was crappy at tennis but somehow not all that bad at boxing. 

Then I went back to the airport and that was about it for my short little trip to Houston. 


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