When Jesus came out of the tomb, he said “ta-da!”

March 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

A year later and that still amuses me.  I hope everyone had a good Easter.  If you celebrate it or not.  This was the first Easter I’ve actually been home in, like, six years.  Or something like that.  So it was good to be here.  Except for the part when I had to wake up at 6 a.m. to go to 7:00 mass.  That was pretty rough.

Then we went to my grandparents’ house in Monroe where the day consisted of eating food, bumming around and looking at pictures from my aunt and uncle’s trip to Mexico (so jealous!)  And my grandma and I fed the two outside cats, White Cat and Sidekick.  I also finally saw Angel, the inside cat, for the first time.  But she pretty much hid in the basement the whole time we were there.  She is not like Jazmine at all.  Who just got her Easter basket stuck on her head because she was trying to get a treat out of it.  And we all laughed at her.  Hahaha.  We are mean owners. 


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