The ides of March

March 16, 2008 § 1 Comment

Friday was my brother’s 23rd birthday, so we went out to eat at this restaurant he likes in Chelsea.  And then we went to a store called Pamida, because he wanted to see what it was like.  It’s kind of like a smaller, slightly better version of Wal-Mart, or Meijer without the food.  We were all very amused with the store, because my family gets into stuff like that.  Yeah, we’re weird.  I don’t know if it is what I would choose to do on my birthday though…  On my 23rd birthday, I got drunk on the wine from GeoSymposium, my advisor and I gave each other “I love soil” tattoos, and I watched airplanes land in the parking lot on Eastern and Sunset with Josh, Willy and that other dude Cory from Indiana.

On Saturday I drove to Lansing for a party at my friend Carol’s house.  I got to meet some people I went to Hope with but never really knew when I was there, and some other people too.  It was fun.  Not really like a Vegas party.  Which are also fun.  When I came in, they were playing some Irish music CD’s and the “No Nay Never” song was playing, and I kept thinking they were going to say “fuck you, you suck!” like that band that Sam likes does, but I guess they don’t do that in every version.  They also sang their own Irish songs, and were very good at it too.  The only singing that ever went on in Vegas was generally drunken singing, which was usually followed by behavior that made even Aubrey “a little concerned.”  Ahh, I miss those days. 


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  • Pam says:

    I can’t believe that Michael is 23! That seems so…old. Which just makes me feel old.

    Glad you are having a decent time back home. I’m sure it’s partly killing you and partly good.

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