Saving the Day(light)

March 9, 2008 § 1 Comment

This weekend we went up to our cottage and to the Zukey Lake Tavern.  Zukey Lake is the last lake on a chain of lakes in Pinckney (or near-ish to it).  Our cottage is on Portage Lake waaaay at the other end.  It doesn’t take to long to drive from one end to the other but it’s about a 1 & 1/2 – 2 hour boat ride.  Last summer my family took the boat over there but I was in Vegas, so I missed out.  Maybe this summer?  We’ll see…

Otherwise, I have been working on my thesis.  I have made the first round of my very picky committee member’s changes and am waiting for more feedback from my advisor.  Although I still have to figure out how to explain alpha and the p-value.  statistics.  ugh.  I think I may have to run some more stats now too, which is not exciting, but oh well.

Jazmine just brought up her favorite colorful striped mouse and is meowing incessantly so I suppose I will go kick it down the stairs for her.  Stay tuned for more exciting news and anecdotes!


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  • Carol says:

    Hey, do you have plans this Saturday night? I’m having a (small) St. Patrick’s Day party. Want to come?

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