On the road day 2

February 26, 2008 § 1 Comment

Today I left Tucumcari (that is the actual spelling of the last place I was), and drove through Texas, Oklahoma and part of Missouri.  I did not actually do any driving, because I can’t drive with my parents in the car, and I don’t really like driving all that much anyway.  I am perfectly content to be navigator/CD changer while my parents do the driving.  I have noticed some things about them on this trip.  For example, if one of them is driving, the other one will keep asking if the driver is ok about every 15 -30 minutes.  Also, they never seem to drink any water.  I find this odd, as I pretty much need a constant supply at all times.

Going through the different states has been kind of interesting.  The land got flat almost right at the New Mexico/Texas border.  Oklahoma and Missouri seem similar to Michigan in a lot of ways, except for maybe less clouds, the drivers going through Oklahoma City are kind of insane, and there are A LOT of cows.  Like everywhere.  And windmills.  Yep.  Pretty exciting stuff. 


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  • Michelle says:

    You should have headed NORTH a little. Taken I-70. Could have stopped by and less tolls. Oh well. Have fun with the move. I’m still working on my stuff.

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