A New Year, a New Blog

January 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m moving!

It’s been great over here the past (almost) 2 years but I felt like I needed a change, so from now on, you can visit me at my new blogging home,  Adventures in the Underground.

Hope to see you there!

Christmas Wine Tasting

December 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

Well, I hope everyone had a good Christmas (or whatever you celebrate).  I did.  My relatives came over here and we had a grand time with lots of food and fun things to do.

A while back my brother bought a wine experiment kit.  It had 6 bottles of wine, some pipettes, a graduated cylinder, and some instructions.  Being the people that we are, we decided to screw the instructions and just go for the wine tasting instead.  We made it into a sort of game, where we had to guess what wine we were drinking based on the flavor.

First my brother and cousin opened all the bottles.

My brother read the instructions for about 2 minutes before everyone said, Ok enough of that, let’s have some wine!

My mom found some old Trader Joe’s wine bags and cut them up to put around the bottles, so we wouldn’t know which one we had.

Then the wine tasting began!

apparently my mom didn't like this one

But my Uncle Bob did

After we finished, my grandpa read the results.

In the end, we didn’t really do so great with the guessing.  I was able to get one right, and my brother got 2.  Later on, my cousin Stacy and her husband came and pretty much blew us all out of the water.  They also each won a prize in the guess how many pieces of candy in a jar game.  I won one of those, too.  Sadly it was the one I wasn’t hoping to win, but at least it wasn’t the jar of nuts.  Eww.

All in all it was a great day.

Happy Holidays!

The Windows 7 Dilemma

December 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

So  I’ve been going through reading other blogs for a while, finding out about all your experiences and such.  And then maybe I get to one that hasn’t been posted to in about a week.  And I think, man they haven’t posted in a whole week!

Oh wait, neither have I.  Ummm…. sorry about that.

Actually I think it’s been longer than a week.  I don’t really have an excuse other than I was at Matt’s house and he won’t let me use his computer for my facebook and blog, because he thinks they’re dumb.  (But it’s  ok for him to use my computer to look at airplanes all day.  Right)  And then I had to pack and get to Michigan., which was an adventure in itself.  Basically my flight was delayed for 4 HOURS, which meant I would miss my connecting flight, so they put me on a flight to Dallas instead.  We landed in Dallas at 1:30 pm in the D gates.  My next flight was at 2:50 all the way over in the A gates.  There wasn’t even a sign showing me how to get to the A gates.  Just B and C.  Fantastic.  So I was looking at the map trying to figure it out and an airport lady came up and was like no, you don’t want to look at the entire airport map.  You just want to look at the D gates.  Ummm…  not really.  Finally I figured out how to get there.  I had to cross over to the other side of the airport, go down some stairs, walk and walk  past the signs pointing to the A gates, get on a tram that took me to some other faraway land, and then I was there.  I got there on time but they took forever getting everyone off from the last flight so we ended up taking off about a half hour late.  I finally made it to Michigan at 7:05 pm.  I was originally supposed to get here at 2:30.  Yay.

Yesterday my sister and I had to finish up some last minute shopping.  It was crowded but it wasn’t too bad, considering I had most of my shopping done already (Hooray for ebay!) but while we were at Best Buy my dad made me look at computers.  So here’s the deal.  My dad’s retired but he’s been taking a course with H&R Block so that he can get a job doing taxes.  Well, he got a job but all the tax programs are for PCs, and not Macs, which is all he has or has ever had, really.  I have a PC.  He wants my PC.  Therefore he has taken it upon himself to decide that I should get a new computer and he should take mine.  Thanks, Dad.  Granted, my computer is getting to the point where it has so many viruses on it and so much stuff is wrong with it that I’m having a lot of problems with it.  On the other hand, every new computer on the market is set up with Windows 7.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I really don’t know anything about Windows 7 or how good or crappy it will be.  My family doesn’t know anything about it since they all use Macs, and Matt doesn’t know anything about it because he stopped paying attention after Windows XP.  I have XP right now, and it just seems the least screwed up to me.  Especially after having Windows ME all through college, complete with the blue screen of death and my nextdoor neighbor coming over to look at it and saying, you have Windows ME.  You’re screwed.  I mean, at least it’s not Vista, which was a piece of poop,   But I’m nervous.  My mom told me I should just get a Mac but I don’t know how I feel about that either.  Especially since a good majority of what I deal with is mostly done with a PC.  I really  don’t know enough about different kinds of computers to make an informed decision but my dad doesn’t really care.  He wants to go like… now.  I also have to bring my old computer to get it “fixed,” whatever that entails.  It all seems very stressful to me and I don’t really want to go.  What do you think?  Is getting a new computer a good idea?  Or should I just get the old one fixed?  I’m going crazy!

At Least it’s Friday

December 11, 2009 § 4 Comments

This morning, after hitting the snooze button twice, and therefore making myself late, I woke up and got dressed.  Then I went to work.  Traffic was really bad on the 25 this morning for no apparent reason other than people like to drive really close to one another.  When I got into work I felt something scratching my neck.  At first I thought it was my necklace chain (which was really hard to get on, by the way.  why is looking in the mirror while trying to put on a necklace so hard?  everything is backwards.  annoying!)  But it wasn’t that.  It was my shirt.  I had put it on backwards (I blame the mirror) and the tag was scratching the front of my neck.  Nice.  I considered going to the bathroom to turn it around but I am wearing another shirt on top of it, since the bottom one is a tank top, and that just seemed like a lot of work so I did not.  I just wore it like that all day.

In the morning one of the other ladies in the office came by with sheets of paper for us to make snowflakes to decorate the office.  That was entertaining, but I got sad when I went to put up my snowflakes and everyone else’s were way more awesome than mine.  Bummer.  But mine do have a certain little charm to them, I suppose.

After work I checked my phone for the first time all day, which was odd, I guess I forgot about it.  Anyway I looked and there were three text messages.  I was about to look at them when the phone rang and it was Matt, all sleepy and hungry and cranky that I had not returned any of his messages.  He is so hard to talk to when he is just waking up, especially on the phone.  All he does is making grunting noises and I have no idea what he wants.   Frustrating.  I finally got it out of him that he wanted me to come over.

He was still in bed when I got there and all the lights were out.  I like a lot of light all the time.  I’d even sleep with all the lights on if it wasn’t a totally ridiculous waste of energy.  Matt is the total opposite.  He likes complete darkness, which bothers me because I can’t see anything.  So I sat there in the dark for a while waiting for him to wake up.  He eventually did and we went to the kitchen where his parents had made dinner.  Normally we’d go out on a Friday night but I’m trying to work on being a little bit healthier and eating at home more often, plus they offered.  It was a good dinner and we ended up just sitting around watching tv and playing with the dogs a little bit.

Then his parents gave me an early Christmas present!  I was really surprised.  I didn’t even realize it was for me until his dad shoved the box in my face and showed me my name on the tag.  Here is what they gave me.

Isn’t that nice?  I totally wasn’t expecting it at all.  Matt and I had been looking at it on the internet and then took a look at the real deal one night while we were shopping at WalMart (evil store but whatever) and I really like it.  It has a digital timer or you can set it to a certain temperature that is then determined by the little temperature probe thingy and once it hits that temp, it automatically shuts off and goes to warm.  Cool, huh?  There are also handles and a clip on lid for easy transport.  Anyway, it’s awesome and I really appreciated them giving it to me.

Before Matt left for work and I had to go we watched a really cool video about China.  It was the first part of a 6 part series and this part was on rural Southwestern China.  It looks really, really cool there.  It’s full of amazing limestone formations and really neat caves.  I had also never seen a rice paddy before.  Those are really something.  The way the whole village gets together to plant them, and the short time it takes to finish (they can do it all in about a couple  hours), is really impressive.  What’s really cool is how they decide when to plant.  Every spring, swallows (which are believed to be good luck) return to their nest in the village.  The begginging of planting season is based on when the swallows return.

When I got home this evening, someone was parked in my parking spot.  This annoyed me, since I pay for that parking spot.  So I wrote them a note and took their license plate number and wrote another note to the office.  I hope that wasn’t too crankypants of me to do (especially considering the ridiculous Michigan hate notes I got when living in Vegas) but oh well.  On the positive side, I did get a closer parking spot, it just doesn’t have a cover on it.

And that’s what happened to me today.  Some good, some crappy stuff.  But I’m definitely ready for the weekend to be here.

Stuff I don’t get

December 9, 2009 § 4 Comments

My office consists of a large room subdivided my cubicles.  They’re built up in such a way that no one can see each other except people on the ends, whose cubes are facing each other.  My cubicle is located such that I can’t really see anyone but I can hear everyone.  This is ok, it’s not really that annoying or anything.  But what confuses me is when I hear the phone ring in someone else’s cubicle and the person calling is on the other side of the room, so that I can hear both ends of the conversation.  This happens on a fairly regular  basis.  And when it does, I think to myself… really?

You’ve probably seen this already.  I call it Future Bizzos of America.

And this one, titled I Just Threw Up a Little in My Mouth.

I don’t think I’ll go into specifics of  how I feel about these commercials today. I think I’ll just let them speak for themselves.

And this one is supposed to be for kids, something to do with a program called “kids in the woods.”

What? The other me lives in the forest?  I didn’t even know there was another me, much less that she was living in the forest.  What is she doing there?  And what does she know about my SECRET IDENTITY?  I must find this person before something goes seriously wrong.

Just Some Stuff

December 3, 2009 § 6 Comments

The flowers Matt gave me, though they have lasted a surprisingly long time, are slowly fading.  I’m glad I at least have pictures.

I am currently planning a gift list of my own, which I wrote on my dry erase board in the kitchen.  I’m posting it here because I am fairly certain that none of my family members read or even know about this blog.  The only person’s gift I kept a secret was Matt’s, but he took the liberty to write down some suggestions.

Personally I think he’s a very lucky boy because I have been cooking dinner for him all week.  I’ve been experimenting with new recipes.  The other night I tried one that I got on a flier in the mail.  And let me tell you it was TERRIBLE.  It even smelled bad.  I don’t really understand why.  It looked really good in the picture.  It was this chicken corbread blue cheese salad thing.  Matt didn’t like it.  I didn’t like it.  Very disappointing.  I didn’t want to waste all the food I bought to make it so I’ve been eating it for lunch at work and it still isn’t any better.  Actually it might even be worse since it’s cold.  Pity.

The next thing I made was better.  It involved chopping up a lot of veggies.  They looked pretty, though.

The recipe didn’t call for meat but I added some anyway, because my man is definitely not a vegetarian.  And neither am I, for that matter.  There was supposed to be rice in it too but I forgot it until everything else was almost done.  Oops.

I also made a lemon cake.  It’s really good.  And Matt’s favorite of everything I made (too bad it was the easiest thing to make).  We put whipped cream on it.  I wish I had some fresh berries but they’ve gone up in price quite a bit since the warmer months.  I might end up getting some anyway, though.

Tonight I tried Mexican pizza.  It was ok.  I think I let the dough rise for too long.  This morning before work I took one of these out of the freezer.

And I came home to this.

Yeah, maybe just a little too much rising action there.

In other news, the mountains got a lot of snow.  They looked really cool this afternoon.

That’s the view from my apartment.  I like living here, even if it is about 11 degrees right now and my nose is going like a marathon runner.

December 3, 2009 § 1 Comment

Good Morning.  That is, if it’s good for you.  As for me, I’m sick.  Over the past day or so the weather decided to get really cold and snowy and for some reason I always get sick when the weather changes.  It’s like my body says, oh hey, guess what?  It got colder/warmer/snowier/windier, time to get sick! MUAHAHAHA! 

I was late to work this morning because Matt was over last night and I wanted to stay up and talk to him, which made me extra tired.  Also, my downstairs neighbor decided today would be a good day to be chatty and started telling some story about when he was a kid wearing shorts and a t-shirt while it was snowing, or something.  I don’t know.  I just wanted to go.  I have some weirdo neigbors.  Maybe I’ll tell you about them sometime. 

So anyway I get to work (late) and I sneeze and snot spews all over the place.  So I have to run to the bathroom really fast, since I am a dummy and didn’t bring tissues, while covering up my nose so people don’t see it and get grossed out.   Maybe I should have just stocked up on paper towels while I was there because the leaky faucet has currently not stopped flowing. 

Ugh.  Why is it only 10 am?  Can’t it at least be lunchtime?  Maybe I should stop slacking off and do actual work.  I will try to have a better post tomorrow, maybe with pictures.  But I wanted to post today because I haven’t in a while and my blog was feeling lonely.